Zosterornis - Old World Babblers

Chestnut-faced Babbler (Zosterornis whiteheadi)
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Zosterornis is a genus in the family Timaliidae (Old World Babblers).



All species in this genus are endemic to the Philippines.


It contains the following species:

  • Chestnut-faced Babbler / Yuhina, Zosterornis whiteheadi - Subspecies and Distribution
    • Z. w. whiteheadi: – Northern and central Luzon in northern Philippines.
    • Z. w. sorsogonensis – South-eastern Luzon in northern Philippines.

  • Luzon Striped Babbler / Yuhina, Zosterornis striatus

  • Negros Striped Babbler / Yuhina, Zosterornis nigrorum

  • Palawan Striped Babbler / Yuhina, Zosterornis hypogrammicus
    • Found in Palawan, Philippines where they occur in Mt Victoria, Mt Mataling, Mt Borangbato, Magtaguimbong, and the peak of Mt Mantalingajan, although they are likely to occur in other primary montane forests above 1,000 meters.  Reports indicate that they are quite common within their limited range. 
    • Since 2014, this species has been listed as Near Threatened.
    • They measure 14–15 cm in length (from top of head to tip of tail). The crown is dull orangey-buff with dark markings at nape. The head is dull buffy mid-grey. The upper parts are olive-green with dark brown primary coverts and upperwing feathers.
    • They primary diet consists of insects, seeds and some vegetable matter.
    • During the breeding season, they are typically seen in pairs. For the rest of the year, they occur in small groups (most likely family groups) of five or so individuals. Most breeding activities occurs in April through May.
    • Their calls are described as a distinctive “zeep zeep zeep zuup” (second note highest, fourth lowest).

  • Panay Striped Babbler / Yuhina, Zosterornis latistriatus


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