Yellow-fronted Barbets

Yellow-fronted Barbet (Megalaima flavifrons)
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The Yellow-fronted Barbet (Megalaima flavifrons) is an endemic resident breeder in Sri Lanka, where they are typically found in forests and other woodland, but may also visit large gardens.



This is a medium-sized, plump barbet that averages 8 inches or 21 cm in length. It has a short neck, large head and short tail.

The plumage is mostly green, with a scaly appearance to the breast. The heavy bill is fringed by distinctive bristles. It has a blue face and throat, and a yellow crown and moustachial stripes.


Diet / Feeding

They primarily feed on fruits, but may also take the occasional insects.


Yellow-fronted Barbet (Megalaima flavifrons) Breeding / Nesting

They nest in tree holes The average clutch consists of 2 to 3 eggs.


Calls / Vocalizations

The call is a rolling kow-kow-kow-kow.

Yellow-fronted Barbet (Megalaima flavifrons)


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