Wood Pipits or Woodland Pipits

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The Wood Pipit or Woodland Pipit (Anthus nyassae) is an African pipit.


Distribution / Range

Its range extends from south-east Gabon eastwards to southern and western Tanzania and southwards as far as north-east Namibia, northern Botswana, Zimbabwe and north-west Mozambique.

It inhabits miombo woodland areas.


Taxonomy / Subspecies:

  • A. n. nyassaeA. n. frondicolusA. n. schoutedeni
  • Some authors recognize a fourth subspecies, A. n. chersophilus.

The Wood Pipit was formerly included in the Long-billed Pipit (Anthus similis) but is now frequently treated as a separate species.



It is 16-18 centimetres long (including tail).

The upperparts are warm brown with dark streaks. The underparts are pale with some streaking on the breast. The bird has a dark eyestripe, white supercilium and pale outer tail-feathers.

Immature birds have dark spots above and have more streaking below than the adults.

Similar Species: It looks like the Long-billed Pipit but has a slightly longer bill and tail. It has a smaller pale area in the outer tail-feathers and a slightly lower voice.


Song / Vocalizations

The bird's song is high-pitched and monotonous.


Diet / Feeding

It mostly stays up in the trees, however forages on the ground for invertebrates.


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