White-vented Whistlers

White-vented Whistlers (Pachycephala homeyeri) aka White-bellied WhistlersPhoto Wanted



The White-vented Whistlers (Pachycephala homeyeri) - also sometimes referred to as White-bellied Whistlers - occur naturally in Malaysia and the Philippines.

Their natural habitats include subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests and montanes.


Subspecies and Distribution:

  • Pachycephala homeyeri homeyeri (A. W. H. Blasius, 1890) - Nominate Form
    • Found on Mindanao and Sulu Islands in southern and southwestern Philippines; and Amil Island (east of Mabul and Sipadan Islands) off northeastern Borneo lsland, Indonesia.
  • Pachycephala homeyeri winchelli (Bourns and Worcester, 1894)
    • Western central Philippines, on the islands of Tablas, Sibuyan, Masbate, Ticao, Panay, Gigantes, Pan de Azucar, Negros
  • Pachycephala homeyeri major (Bourns and Worcester, 1894)
    • Cebu Islands in south central Philippines

Alternate (Global) Names

Chinese: ???? ... Czech: pištec b?lo?itý ... Danish: Rødrygget Fløjter ... Dutch: Witflankfluiter, Witstuitfluiter ... Finnish: Visayasinviheltäjä ... French: Pachycéphale à ventre blanc, Siffleur de Blasius ... German: Braunbrust-Dickkopf, Palawandickkopf ... Italian: Zufolatore culbianco ... Japanese: manguroabumozuhitaki ... Norwegian: Suluplystrer ... Polish: fletówka bialorzytna ... Slovak: hlavácik hnedkavý ... Spanish: Silbador Culiblanco ... Swedish: Rödryggad visslare


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Species Research by Sibylle Johnson


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