White-bellied Drongos

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White-bellied Drongos

White-bellied Drongo The White-bellied Drongo (Dicrurus caerulescens) is a small Asian bird. that is restricted to the Old World tropics (Europa, Asia, and Africa).



The White-bellied Drongo are endemic to India and Sri Lanka.

They inhabit open forest and well-wooded habitats.



The adult White-bellied Drongo averages 9.4 inches (24 cm) in length.

The White-bellied Drongo has dark grey upper plumage. The tail is long and deeply forked.

The Indian race D. c. caerulescens has a pale grey under plumage - from the head to the breast, and is white from the abdomen down.

One Sri Lankan race, D. c. leucopygialis, has the white on the under plumage restricted to the vent area and undertail feathers. The young bird is duller and have a brownish-grey breast.

It has short legs and sits very upright whilst perched prominently, like a shrike.


Diet / Feeding

Its main diet consists ofinsects.


Breeding / Nesting

The cup nest is typically situated in a tree.

The average clutch consists of two to four eggs.

These are aggressive and fearless birds, 24 cm in length, and will attack much larger species if their nest or young are threatened.


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