White-bellied Blue Flycatchers


White-bellied Blue Flycatcher, Cyornis pallipes

flycatchers.htm The White-bellied Blue Flycatchers, Cyornis pallipes, occur naturally in the Western Ghats of southwest India.


The White-bellied Blue Flycatcher measures, on average, 15cm in length, including its long tail.

The male's back is bright blue and the head, chest and rest of the plumage below is white.

The female's back is brown. She has a grey head and red chest. The plumage below is white.

Juveniles have a brown back, scaly head and chest and whitish abdomen.

Song / Vocalization

Their calls are described as a soft rambling series of trills going up and down interspersed with sibilant whistling notes.

Nesting / Breeding

They breed in forest undergrowth and ravines, nesting on rock ledges. The average clutch consists of 4 eggs.

Diet / Feeding

They mostly feed on insects.

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