Veterinarians (Bird / Avian veterinarians specifically, but not exclusively) Consulting Internationally and Within the United States

Bird Vets within the United States ... International Bird Veterinarians (outside of US) ... International Veterinary Consultants (veterinarians / animal hospitals available for consultation with countries / areas without qualified veterinarians)  

The following veterinarian / animal hospitals are willing / available for consultations for countries / areas without qualified avian veterinarians: 

  • Long Beach Animal Hospital - Tel. 1-562-434-9966 -
  • Madonna Livingstone, The Ark Vet Clinic, LTD Coatbridge: 01236 432448 [email protected], 479-481 Main Street, Coatbridge, ML5 3RD
  • Brian Speer—California, USA Medical Center for Birds, Oakley, 1983, 925-625-1878, 3810 main St., Oakley, CA.  (Vet recommended)
  • Long Beach Animal Hospital -  website: ... The following veterinarians work with people from countries where there is no vet, particularly the Asian countries
    • William Ridgeway
    • Claudine Seto
    • Alexis Yamamoto
    • Elizabeth Wood
    • Michelle Baccaro
  • Jaime Samour, UAE, Abu Dhabi, recommended by avian vet for anybody in the mid-east. [email protected]
  • Wrsan Farm, P.O. Box 77338, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Phone: 0097125638862. Fax: 009125638827
  • Susan Orosz, Ohio,  USA,  Bird and Exotic Pet Wellness Center, Toledo 1984 AAV conventions/certifications, lecturer, excellent (recommended by group members and my avian vet) Phone : (419) 843-3137, 5166 Monroe St. Suite 306, Toledo , OH 43623
  • Robert Wagner, ABVP, Vet. North Boros Veterinarian Hospital, 2255 Babcock Boulevard, Pittsburgh, PA 15237, Exotics Consultants, Pittsburg, 1981 (recommended by my avian vet). 412-821-5600, This clinic and Dr. Wagner do consultations
  • ​​​​​​Marcellus Buerkle, Germany.  He is now an independent consultant, although he does work out of an office. Bird consulting International, Achern, Gemany, 49-7841-6656873 (Phone) - +49-174-2102275 (Mobile) 1999 (recommended by members) He does home visits and office visits. This is his most recent information: - -

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