Turn-X, Compact & Functional Table Top Incubators




    • Holds up to 18 chicken eggs
    • All major parts are made of plastic for easy cleaning
    • Total Visibility Polycarbonate Dome
    • Solid State Temperature Control
    • Unique Humidity Control and Air Flow Design
    • CSA approved for classroom use
    • Optional Brooder Top Available (to easily convert your incubator into a brooder)


    • See the Eggs Hatch
    • Best Results with Less Mortality
    • Ideal for school projects and hobbyists.
    • Reliable Compact Table Top Incubator

Turn-X Incubator

Automatic or Manual Egg Turning Option

Bird eggs HAVE to be turned a minimum of 5 to 7 times a day. Without egg turning no chicks will hatch. The Turn-X comes with the option of manual (by hand) egg turning (the most cost-effective option) or automatic egg turning. We recommend using the automatic turner if you are away from the incubator for long periods of time, and are unable to turn the eggs manually.


Both TX6 and TX7 models provide fan forced air flow for even heat distribution around the eggs, the optional automatic turner, as well as a set of thermometers.  Both units also use your choice of one of the five turnings rings, so a variety of eggs can be incubated and hatched.

Turn-xMajor Differences between TX6 & TX7:

The two major differences are found in the temperature control module and the thermometers that read temperature and humidity. 

The thermostat of the TX7 model utilizes a “Ten Turn” Potentiometer, whereas the TX6 model has a “Single Turn Pot.  This means that on the TX7 you can adjust or fine-tune the temperature more easily and accurately for your specific requirements, especially at hatching time when the temperature is usually lowered.

The thermometers on the TX7 are a higher grade Mercury thermometer than the small red “Spirit” alcohol thermometers used in the TX6.  Since most TX6’s are used in schools, these are supplied as they are easier for children to read and understand. 

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MODEL TX6: With Solid State Temperature Control. Manual or Automatic Egg Turning.

The TX6 is an ideal incubator for the classroom or the home hobbyist. The see-through design lets the miracle of birth unfold before you. Easy to read spirit carded thermometers are provided for temperature and humidity readings and all adjustments can be made without opening the incubator.

The TX6 can be purchased with automatic egg turning or the turner may be added later.


MODEL TX7: With Ten-Turn Solid State Temperature Control. Manual or Automatic Egg Turning.

All the great TURN-X features - PLUS - a Ten Turn Solid State Temperature Control designed to operate the TX7 in range of about 90°F to 106°F. Each 360° turn of the temperature control covers about 2.4° F for precise temperature setting.  Thermometers accurate to ±1/2°F are used for both the dry and wet bulb readings. These fine thermometers have a scale from 70°F to 110°F graduated in 1/2°F increments.  If you need high accuracy and precise temperature settings in fractions of a degree, the TX7 is for you.

The TX7 can be purchased with automatic egg turning or the turner may be added later.


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