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Below are images of the different Turaco species. Should you wish to learn more about any of the below birds, please note that each photo is linked the respective species page with information and more photos.

Bare-faced Go-away BirdBlack-billed TuracoEastern Grey Plantain-eater
Fischer's TuracoGreat TuracoGreen Turaco
Gray Go-away BirdHartlaub's TuracoPrince Rupoli's Turaco
Purple-crested TuracoRed-crested Turaco
Ross's TuracoSchalow's Turaco
Western Gray Plaintain-eaterWhite-bellied Go-away Birds
White-cheeked TuracoWhite-crested Turaco
White Go-away BirdYellow-billed Turacos Tauraco macrorhynchus


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