Brown Trembler

Tremblers are a New World group of passerine birds related to mockingbirds and New World catbirds. Like these, they are in the Mimidae family.


There are 2-4 species in one genus, Cinclocerthia:

  • (Southern) Brown Trembler, Cinclocerthia (ruficauda) ruficauda
    • Northern Brown Trembler, Cinclocerthia (ruficauda) tremula

Among the living birds, these are apparently most closely related to the Pearly-eyed Thrasher (Hunt et al. 2001, Barber et al. 2004).



Their common name comes from their peculiar behavior: if excited, they will show a much more exaggerated version of the wing-flicking also seen in other mimids, for example the Northern Mockingbirds. The tremblers do not just flick their wings, but shake their entire bodies in a trembling motion.


Brown Trembler (Cinclocerthia ruficauda)

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