Timberline Wrens

Timberline Wren, Thryorchilus browni


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The Timberline Wrens (Thryorchilus browni) are found in the mountains of Costa Rica and Panama.

Distribution / Habitat

The range of the Timberline Wrens stretches from central Costa Rica south to western Panama.

These high-altitude wrens occur at elevations from 7,200 - 11,800 feet (~ 2,200 - 3,600 meters).

They inhabit moist montane forests, bamboo thickets in the páramo zone, and forest edges at the treeline.

Subspecies and Ranges:

  • Timberline Wren (Thryorchilus browni browni - Bangs, 1902) - Nominate form
    • Range: Mountains of western Panama (Volcán Barú, Volcán de Chiriquí, Cerro Copete)
  • Timberline Wren (ridgwayi) (Thryorchilus browni ridgwayi - Bangs, 1906)
    • Range: Highlands of central Costa Rica (Volcán Turrialba, Volcán Irazú and adjacent areas)
  • Timberline Wren (basultoi) (Thryorchilus browni basultoi - Ridgway, 1908)
    • Range: Mountains of south central / south western Costa Rica (Cerros de Dota)



Length: 3.5 - 4 inches (9 - 10.5 cm) - including the tail

Average Weight: 0.5 oz or 14 g

Plumage Details / Adults

Rufous upper plumage; whitish below. White wing markings and white supercilium (line above each eye).

Other Physical Details

  • Short tail
  • Long legs

Diet / Feeding

Their diet largely consists of insects.

Breeding / Nesting

These cavity nesters will make their nests in tree cavities or in crevices. They may take advantage of nestboxes.

Calls / Vocalizations / Sounds

Alternate (Global) Names

Chinese: ???? ... Czech: Strízlík horský ... Danish: Costa Rica-bjergsmutte ... Dutch: Browns Winterkoning ... Finnish: Vuoripeukaloinen ... French: Troglodyte des volcans ... German: Bergzaunkönig ... Italian: Scricciolo delle alture ... Japanese: yabumisosazai ... Norwegian: Bambussmett ... Polish: strzyzyk gajowy ... Russian: ?????? ????????? ... Slovak: oriešok vulkánový ... Swedish: Talamancagärdsmyg ... Spanish: Cucarachero del Bambú, Ratona del Borde del Bosque, Soterrey del bambú

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