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Bird breeders and those with aviaries (where usually some "breeding activity" occurs - intended or not) - will find this resource a good place to learn about optimal set ups, compatibility issues, care recommendations and more. Share your knowledge of / or learn from others about egg incubation, handraising chicks and more ...

Egg bound budgie.

Submitted by siberianwatcat on Tue, 02/24/2015 - 15:37

I have a budgie which is egg bound.  There is an egg shaped, egg sixed protrusion distended from her abdomen.

Today I took her to the vet who undertook an x-ray and came back saying that because there is nothing showing on the x ray then the problem is not an egg but instead is constipation.

Please bear in mind that I am in Thailand.  This is not an excuse for bad vetrenary practice but standards are not what they are in the west.

I am not a vet but my bird appears to be pooing ok.  I want to know what I can do. 

Cockateils first clutch

Submitted by elaine7717 on Sat, 01/31/2015 - 05:39

Hello everyone. In the past of I have bred budgies. This is my first time with my cockateils Butter and Toast. Toast was named Toast because when we brought him home from the pet store his phrase was Wheres my Toast? So naturally his mate had to be Butter. Butter surprised us by initatating the breeding process at the young age of 12months. Toast is closer to about 3 years.They mated about 2 weeks ago. I placed a cockateil nestbox in the cage. Both the male and female checked it out but would not enter it. The male made a roundish nest pad on the bottom of the cage out paper towels.