Medium-sized Parrots: African Greys, Conures, Ringnecks, Pionus and Poicephalus

These compact parrots are popular and even though they are not as easy to maintain as their smaller cousins, they are still much easier to manage than the larger parrots. If you want to learn more about them, or wish to share your experiences with others, this is the forum for you.

Help. Rapid breathing during sunset. Pionus Menstruus

Submitted by giandaniel on Wed, 11/08/2017 - 23:47
Help! not sure if my Pionus Menstruus is infected or not with Aspergillosis, or something else. The only symptom is a occasionally rapid breathing (almost 2 breathes per second, SEE VIDEO), he (or she, not sure) does it only during sunset before going to sleep. he lives with an other pionus and in a healthy environment, with trees to walk around and ropes. lives in a garden. Sleeps well covered, under roof. tropical caribbean weather all year around here. behaves and eat normal the rest of the day.

Bathing dishes for pet birds

Submitted by Nancy R. Davenport on Wed, 08/23/2017 - 18:10
I did not like the bathing dishes offered. They were too small for my green-cheeked Conure and the edges were too thin and slippery. I found a clay dish, the kind used to put under a pot, that is perfect. It is easy to clean, fits in the bottom of my sink, has a one-inch depth, is wide enough for her to get all her feathers wet and the rim is wide and not slippery. There are so many sizes that I'm sure you can find one that fits your bird.

I am thinking of getting a buddy for my bird. What are the pros and cons?

Submitted by imnweib on Wed, 01/25/2017 - 22:13
My female eclectus is 3 years old and she is getting very needy. She wants our undivided attention 100% of the time. I am thinking of getting her a companion so she will not be as lonely while we are at work. What experiences have other people had with adding a second bird to the family? Is it a good idea or a bad one? I don't want the birds to decide they hate people once they have each other. When she gets mad, she can bite pretty hard. I don't want that to become the new norm. Would you recommend a bird of the same species or a different one?

Indian ringneck behavior

Submitted by Jodi1920 on Thu, 08/18/2016 - 17:53
Hi my name is Jodi. I am new to this forum. I have an Indian ringneck, her name is peeps. And an African grey named Cosmo. My issue as of late is peeps has become aggressive. I bought her a bigger cage. ( the cage I received her in was too small for her). All she wants to do is bite. I have to distract her to feed her or she will bite the blood out of me. I cannot handle her anymore she goes to bite. She will cluck and sing for me to rub her head and after a few seconds she will go to bite me. Then she will put her foot in her mouth and stomp it in her cage.

terrible shreak from our Female Eclectus

Submitted by imnweib on Wed, 06/01/2016 - 21:16
HELP! My female Eclectus has been making a new, EXTREMELY undesirable sound lately. It sounds something like the beep of a smoke alarm when the battery is low, but it’s VERY loud and VERY shrill, causes ringing in my wife’s ears and is physically painful. Literally, it is quite painful. She does it every time she sees my wife and she does it constantly until my wife is no longer in sight. It started when the bird was sitting on a clutch of infertile eggs. My wife was concerned that she wasn’t eating, so she made her a mush out of her Birdeez Buffet and fed it to her on a spoon.

eclectus first egg

Submitted by imnweib on Tue, 05/03/2016 - 16:17
Hello Everyone Gypsy laid her first egg! Have a couple of questions if someone can answer that would be great. We noticed her being unusually quiet over the weekend and noticed an egg in her box I built for her to rest in, she really likes it. When we looked in the box Monday we saw the egg and I decided to weigh her which I have been doing since we got her. She consistently runs about 13.7 oz. and after the egg she weighs 14.7 oz. Maybe another egg is waiting to come out ?? How many eggs do the lay and how often ??