Water and Wetland Birds found on Sri Lanka

Water and Wetland Birds found on Sri Lanka

Location / Map of Sri Lanka

Below are photos of water or wetland birds found (natives / introduced or vagrants) in Sri Lanka. Clicking on any of the bird images will take you to the respective bird species page, with information and more photos.

Listing of Other Birds found in Sri Lanka

Openbill StorkOpenbill StorkCattle EgretGreater AdjutantIndian CormorantsIndina Pond HeronEastern Great Egret (Ardea modesta)Lesser Whistling DuckPainted StorksSouthern Giant Petrel (Macronectes giganteus), also known as the Antarctic Giant Petrel, Giant Fulmar, Stinker, and StinkpotSpoon-billed SandpiperSwinhoe's SnipeYellow BitternWhite-breasted WaterhenWood Snipe

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