Splendour Parrot Species

Most Common / Well-known Species:


Barraband's Parrots

Brazilian Barraband's Parrots

Brown-hooded Parrots

Orange-cheeked Parrot

Caica Parrots

Colombian Brown-hooded Parrots aka Red-necklaced Parrots

Orange-cheeked Parrots

Pileated Parrots, Red-capped Parrots

Rose-faced Parrots

Saffron-headed Parrots

Superb Parrots aka Barraband Parakeets, Barraband Parrots, Scarlet-breasted Parrots, Green Leek Parrots

Regents Parrot


- Regent Rock-Pebblers
- Western Rock Pebblers

Princess Parrots aka Princess of Wales, Queen Alexandra Parrot, Queen Alexandra's Parakeet, Spinifex Parrot, Rose Throated Parrot, Yellow Princess Parrots


Class: Aves ... Order: Psittaciformes ...

Family: Psittacidae

Subfamily: Psittacinae

Genus: Scientific: Pionopsitta / Polytelis ... English: Splendour Parrots ... Dutch: Prachtpapegaaien ... German: Zierpapageien / Prachtsittiche ... French: Caica / Perruche magnifique

CITES II: Endangered Species

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