Sea / Water / Wading Birds Endemic to Solomon Islands

Australian White Ibis, Threskiornis molucca

Other Birds found on Solomon Islands

Species of Sea / Water / Wading Birds occurring naturally on Solomon Islands

Beck’s Petrels (Pseudobulweria becki) - Seabirds - Range: Likely nest on small islands with tall mountains around Melanesia. Sightings were reported from the Bismarck Archipelago and Solomon Islands

Black-bellied Storm-Petrel (Fregetta tropica) - Seabird

Buff-banded Rail (Gallirallus philippensis)

Collared Petrel (Pterodroma brevipes)

Eastern Great Egret (Ardea modesta)Fluttering Shearwater (Puffinus gavia) - Range: New Zealand and Solomon Islands

Fluttering Shearwater (Puffinus gavia)

Grey Teal (Anas gracilis)

Heinroth's Shearwaters (Puffinus heinrothi) - Range: Restricted to the seas around the Bismarck Archipelago and northern Solomon Islands - around the islands of Kolombangara (Papua New Guinea) and Bougainville (Solomon Islands)

Rennell Island Teal (A. g. remissa) - Formerly found on Rennell Island in the Solomons

Royal Spoonbill (Platalea regia) also known as the Black-billed Spoonbill

Rusty-winged Starling (Aplonis zelandica)

Makira Moorhen (Gallinula silvestris) (No Photo)Royal Spoonbills

Solomon Islands White Ibis (T. m. pygmaeus)

Spotless Crake (Porzana tabuensis)

White-billed Crows (Corvus woodfordi)

White-browed Crakes (Porzana cinerea)

Spotless CrakeGrey Teal

Buff-banded RailEastern Great Egret (Ardea modesta)


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