The Sibias (genus Heterophasia) includes the following species:

  • Rufous-backed Sibia, Heterophasia annectens – sometimes in Leioptila
  • White-eared Sibia, Heterophasia auricularis – sometimes in Malacias
  • Rufous Sibia, Heterophasia capistrata – sometimes in Malacias
  • Grey Sibia, Heterophasia gracilis – sometimes in Malacias
  • Dark-backed Sibia, Heterophasia melanoleuca – sometimes in Malacias
  • Black-headed Sibia or Desgodin's Sibia, Heterophasia desgodinsi
  • Long-tailed Sibia, Heterophasia picaoides
  • Beautiful Sibia, Heterophasia pulchella – sometimes in Malacias

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