Scrub Greenlets or Scrub Vireos

Scrub VireoThe Scrub Vireo, Hylophilus flavipes, belongs to the vireo family.

Distribution / Habitat:

These vireos can be found in Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela and Tobago. It prefers forest edges and savanna.

Breeding / Nesting:

The hen builds a deep cup nest suspended from a tree branch and lays three white eggs marked with brown.


The adult Scrub Greenlet is 11.5 cm long and weighs 13 g. It is mainly green on the upperparts, with brighter wings and rump, and an olive-brown head with very weak supercilium (line above eye) and yellowish eyering. The underparts are yellow, the bill is mainly dark and the legs are pale.

The race H. f. insularis is a large, strong-billed form with a brown iris endemic to Tobago. Other races differ in underpart tone.


Song / Call:

The call is a long series of notes: weary-weary-weary-weary, interspersed with churrs and squeaks.


They feed on insects, spiders and berries.

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