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The Trick with the Water Bottle


Misti Rogstad found a very effective way to stop their camelot macaw's and caique's screaming--no matter what the situation.  They use a water spray bottle.  She suggests showing the bottle to the loudest bird first.  Place the bottle firmly on a table where they can see it.  Say 'stop right now.'  If one stops screaming, reward it for being good. If one continues to scream, squirt the screamer(s). 

She explains that this worked so well that they don't have to use that technique anymore. Now all they have to do is show them the water bottle, and the screaming stops.

Both their birds are adopted.  They believe that Shooter is thirty--she's been with them 9 years, and Gizmo is probably 12 years old.

Quote: "I hope this helps someone. We love ours (& their nicknames are beast & mini me)"

Sincerely, Misti