Scarlet-throated Tanagers

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Scarlet-throated Tanager

The Scarlet-throated Tanagers (Compsothraupis loricata) are one of the largest tanagers, measuring 21 cm in length and weighing, on average, 72.5g.

The males have red throat. Please refer to photos to the right.


Distribution and Habitat:

They can be found in Brazil at elevations of 200-1000 m in groups of up to 8 individuals that inhabit woodlands. They like to perch on branches high in the trees.


Breeding / Nesting:

In the breeding season males fluff feathers to show off their white base of feathers on their backs.

They are very protective of their nests, which are well hidden deep in vegetation, often using the abandoned nests of other species, including woodpecker holes.


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