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Scarlet Macaw (Ara macao)

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English Names

Historically, there has always been a lot of confusion with the Green-winged Macaws, which also have a mostly red plumage. However, the Green-winged has a broad green band on the wings, which is mostly yellow in the Scarlet.

The confusion also extended to their naming. The macaw with the green wing band - Ara chloroptera - was known as the Green-winged or Red and Blue Macaw, Red-blue-and-green or Red-green Macaw, Crimson or Maroon Macaw.

The smaller one with the yellow band - the Ara macao - was referred to as Red or Red and Gold Macaw, Red and Yellow Macaw, Red-yellow-and-blue or Scarlet Macaw.

Dr. Osmond Hill researched these species, and in 1949 suggested as a way of ending this mix-up to refer to the Ara chloroptera as the "Green-winged Macaw" and the Ara macao as the "Scarlet Macaw".


Global Names

Chinese: ???? ... Czech: Ara arakanga ... Danish: Lyserød Ara ... Dutch: Geelvleugelara, Macao ... Estonian: puna-aara (makao) ... Finnish: Puna-ara ... French: Ara macao, Ara rouge ... German: Arakanga, Hellroter ara, Hellroter Ara ... Irish: Macá scarlóideach ... Italian: Ara rossa e gialla, Ara scarlatta ... Japanese: kongouinko ... Norwegian: Gulvingerødara, Lyserød ara ... Polish: ara zóltoskrzydla, Ara ?ó?toskrzyd?a ... Portuguese: arara-boliviana, Arara-canga, arara-macau, arara-piranga, arara-vermelha, arara-vermelha-pequena, macau ... Russian: ??????? ??? ... Slovak: Ara arakanga ... Spanish: Guacamaya Macao, Guacamaya Roja, Guacamayo Macao, Guacamayo Rojo, Guacamayo Rosado, Guara roja, Guara Roja, Lapa Roja ... Swedish: Ljusröd ara, Röd ara

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