Photos of Birds Found on the Island of Saint Helena

Listing of Birds native to, or found on, the island of Saint Helena

Saint Helena Map and Birding Information

Grey Heron and Distribution MapArctic Skua - dark phaseBlack-browed AlbatrossBrown Skua (Stercorarius antarctica), also known as the Antarctic Skua, Southern Great Skua, Southern Skua, or HākoakoaActic Skua, Stercorarius parasiticus - Light PhasCape PetrelBroad-billed Prion (Pachyptila vittata)Brown BoobiesBlack-crowned Night HeronCattle EgretLong-tailed Jaeger or Long-tailed SkuaAudubon's Shearwater, Puffinus lherminieri White TernCory's SHearwater Greater Frigatebird Brown NoddySooty Shearwater (Puffinus griseus) - Morro Bay Winter Bird FestivalRed-billed Tropic BirdLesser FrigatebirdMadagascar or Red FodyCommon WaxbillMasked BoobiesRed-footed BoobiesSwainson's Finch aka Yellow FinchSooty Albatross or Dark-mantled Sooty AlbatrossRed-tailed Tropicbird Black Noddy

Zebra DoveSnowy Sheathbill (Chionis alba) also known as a Pale-faced Sheathbill or Paddy Wilson's Storm-petrel (Oceanites oceanicus), also known as Wilson's PetrelWhite-faced Petrel Southern Fulmar, Fulmarus glacialoideBulweris PetrelSaint Helena Plover

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