Rufous-naped Larks

Rufous-naped Lark, Mirafra africana, Jao Camp, Ngamiland, Botswana, AfricaThe Rufous-naped Larks (Mirafra africana) - also known as Somali Larks - occur naturally in Africa.

Numerous races of Larks are known:

  • Mirafra africana africana - Nominate Race - Southern Natal to eastern Cape Province
  • Mirafra africana henrici: Guinea to Liberia
  • Mirafra africana batesi: Niger to Nigeria
  • Mirafra africana bamendae: Western Cameroon
  • Mirafra africana stresemanni:
  • Northern Cameroon in the Adamawa Region, around town of Ngaoundéré
  • Mirafra africana kurrae: Sudan in the Kurra and Darfur provinces
  • Mirafra africana ruwenzoria: Eastern parts of the Democratic Republic of the Congo to southwestern Uganda
  • Mirafra africana tropicalis: Southern Uganda to western Kenya and northern Tanzania
  • Mirafra africana athi: Central Kenya, around Nairobi and Nakuru, to northeastern Tanzania
  • Mirafra africana harterti: Eastern Kenya, around Ukamba
  • Mirafra africana occidentalis: Western Angola in the Huila escarpment north to Kisama
  • Mirafra africana gomesi: Eastern Angola - around Macondo, to northwestern Zambia (Kabompo)
  • Mirafra africana kabalii: NE Angola (Luiacana) and w Zambia (Balovale)
  • Mirafra africana pallida: Namibia (Windhoek north to Kaokoveld and Ovamboland)
  • Mirafra africana ghansiensis: Namibia and w Botswana
  • Mirafra africana chapini: Southern parts of Democratic Republic of the Congo and northwestern Zambia
  • Mirafra africana nigrescens: Northeastern Zambia and southern Tanzania
  • Mirafra africana transvaalensis: Southeastern Botswana to Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Malawi and South Africa
  • Mirafra africana nyikae: Nyika Plateau in eastern Zambia and Malawi
  • Mirafra africana isolata: Malawi
  • Mirafra africana grisescens: Western Zambia to northwestern Zimbabwe and northern Botswana
  • Mirafra africana malbranti: Central and southern parts of the Democratic Republic of the Congo to southeastern Gabon
  • Mirafra sharpii: Northwestern Somalia

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