Rufous Fantails


Rufous FantailThe Rufous Fantails (Rhipidura rufifrons) - also known as Black-breasted Rufous-Fantails or Rufous-fronted Fantails - occur naturally at the east coast of Australia.


Recognized Races and Distribution

  • Rhipidura rufifrons rufifrons (Latham, 1801) - Nominate Form
    • Breeding Range: East Australia from southeastern Queensland south to Victoria
    • Wintering Range: Northern Queensland and southern New Guinea
  • Rhipidura rufifrons torrida (Wallace, 1865)
    • Range: Northern Moluccas (Halmahera, Ternate, Bacan, Obi).
  • Rhipidura rufifrons saipanensis (E. J. O. Hartert, 1898)
    • Range: Saipan and Tinian, in Northern Mariana Islands (also known as the Marianas).
  • Rhipidura rufifrons louisiadensis (E. J. O. Hartert, 1899)
    • Range: D’Entrecasteaux Archipelago (Fergusson Island) and Louisiade Archipelago (Rossel, Misima, Bonvouloir Group), off southeastern New Guinea.
  • Rhipidura rufifrons commoda (E. J. O. Hartert, 1918) - Buka Island, Bougainville Islands and northwestern Solomon Islands (Choiseul, Santa Isabel and adjacent islands).
  • Rhipidura rufifrons granti (E. J. O. Hartert, 1918)
    • Range: Southwestern Solomon Islands (Vella Lavella, Mbava, Ranongga, Narovo, Gizo, Kolombangara, New Georgia, Gatukai, Rendova, Tetepare).
  • Rhipidura rufifrons versicolor (Hartlaub and Finsch, 1872)
    • Range: Western Caroline Islands (Yap).
  • Rhipidura rufifrons mariae (R. H. Baker, 1946)
    • Range: Rota (Northern Mariana Islands - also the Marianas)
  • Rhipidura rufifrons kubaryi (Finsch, 1876)
    • Range: Eastern Caroline Islands (Pohnpei).
  • Rhipidura rufifrons brunnea (Mayr, 1931)
    • Range: Malaita, in Northeastern Solomon Islands
  • Rhipidura rufifrons ugiensis (Mayr, 1931)
    • Range: Uki I (off Northern San Cristobal).
  • Rhipidura rufifrons kuperi (Mayr, 1931)
    • Range: Santa Ana (off east San Cristobal).
  • Rhipidura rufifrons agilis (Mayr, 1931)
    • Range: Santa Cruz Islands (Santa Cruz).
  • Rhipidura rufifrons utupuae (Mayr, 1931)
    • Range: Utupua, in central Santa Cruz Islands
  • Rhipidura rufifrons rufofronta (E. P. Ramsay, 1879)
    • Range: Guadalcanal, in central Solomon Islands.
  • Rhipidura rufifrons russata (Tristram, 1879)
    • Range: San Cristobal (Makira), in southeastern Solomon Islands.
  • Rhipidura rufifrons melanolaema Sharpe, 1879
    • Range: Vanikoro Islands, in Southern Santa Cruz Islands
  • Rhipidura rufifrons intermedia (North, 1902)
    • Range: Northeastern Australia (northeastern Queensland).


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