River Kingfisher Photo Gallery

River Kingfishers Information

Below are photos of the different River Kingfisher species - clicking on the images will take you to the respective species page, with more photos and information

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African Pygmy-Kingfisher (Ispidina picta)Madagascar Pygmy-kingfisherBlyth’s Kingfisher, Alcedo herculesCommon KingfisherHalf-collared Kingfisher Blue-eared KingfisherMalagasy Kingfisher or Madagascar Kingfisher (Alcedo vintsioides)Malachite Kingfisher (Alcedo cristata)Shining Blue Kingfisher (Alcedo quadribrachys)Rufous-backed Kingfisher (Ceyx rufidorsa)Sulawesi Dwarf Kingfisher (Ceyx fallax)São Tomé Kingfisher (Alcedo thomensis)Cerulean Kingfisher
Blue-banded KingfisherSilvery Kingfisher (Alcedo argentata)Little Kingfisher (Alcedo pusilla)Indigo-banded Kingfisher
Azure Kingfisher


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