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The Macleay's Fig-Parrots, Red-browed Fig-Parrots or Red-browed Double-eyed Fig Parrot (Cyclopsitta diophthalma macleayana) is found in good numbers in coastal Australia of Northern Queensland - specifically its range stretches from Cooktown to Paluma in the north.

They are usually seen in pairs or in a flock of a few individuals. They tend to fly in a quick and direct manner. Their eggs are laid in holes in dead trees.



The plumage is generally green. Both sexes have a red forehead, but the males also have a red cheek patch, while the females' are usually yellow.

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Macleay's Fig-ParrotTaxonomy:

Genus: Scientific: Cyclopsitta ... English: Fig-Parrot ... Dutch: Bontkopdwergpapegaaien ... German: Buntkopfzwergpapageien ... French: Lorillet

Species: Scientific: Cyclopsitta diophthalma macleayana aka Opopsitta diophthalma macleayana ... English: Macleay's Fig-Parrots or Red-browned Fig-Parrot ... Dutch: Roodbruine Maskerdwergpapegaai ... German: Diadem Maskenzwergpapagei ... French: Lorillet à sourcil rouge double oeil ... CITES I - Protected Species


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