Red-billed Pigeons

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The Red-billed Pigeon, Patagioenas flavirostris (see Johnson et al., 2001), is a relatively large pigeon which breeds from southern Texas, United States, and northwestern Mexico south to Costa Rica.

Red-billed Pigeon

It is found in open country with some trees, large clearings and cultivation in lowlands and middle altitudes to 2100 meters. It is normally seen alone or in pairs and rarely forms flocks.


Nesting / Breeding:

It builds a rudimentary platform nest out of twigs in a tree about 4-25 meters above the ground, usually on a horizontal branch or on a palm crown, and lays one white egg.



The Red-billed Pigeon is 30 centimeters long and weighs 230 grams. It is mainly wine-purple, becoming browner on the back, and with a grey tail, lower belly and flight feathers. The bill is white with a red base, and the legs and eyes are red.

Juvenile birds are duller than adults and the plumage is brown-tinged.


Diet / Feeding:

It feeds on the ground, seeking acorns, berries and buds.


Call / Vocalization:

Red-billed Pigeon has a loud cuk c’ c’ coooo, cuk c’ c’ coooo call


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