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R-Com Mini

R-Com Mini Incubator & EZ Scope PackageUseful Information: Breeders' Resources (covers everything from handfeeding to potential breeding / chick problems) ... Incubation Information (html) ... Information on Housing Chicks, Temperature Requirements, etc. ... Caring for Poultry Chicks from Day One to Independence

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The R-Com Mini (3-Egg Incubator) - menu-driven, fully automatic pre-set plug-and-go technology

Product Features

  • Fully automated incubator - easy enough to use for children and reliable enough for the hobbyists and teachers
    • just choose between one of the 5 settings (chicken, duck, pheasant, quail or mystery bird - to be programmed) and the micro-controller holds the correct temperature, turning and length of incubation with no further input from the user.

  • Automatic egg-turning with auto stop 2 days prior to hatching
  • 37.5 automatic temperature control
  • Optimum incubation conditions with bird selecting
  • LCD shows all information
  • BLDC motor for air circulation (low noise, long life)
  • Large view window to observe eggs
  • Count down to hatch day
  • 3 indentations accommodate eggs of all sizes from large duck eggs to quail eggs
  • Sensor and alarm if the view window open
  • Can be used as a temporary living place after hatching
  • Sensor and alarm for water supply
  • Floating device to prevent water from overflowing
  • Buzzer with abnormal conditions

R-Com Mini Reviews & Comments ... Download a pdf file of the R-COM Product Leaflet ... User's Manual

Egg Inspection

The photo to the right features the R-Com Mini with its optional accessory, the EZ Scope)

The EZ Scope allows you to ...

  • easily inspect the development of eggs without risky handling
    • high brightness LEDeasy eye-level control with adjustment handle

  • view the incubation process on your computer with your existing web camera (note: web camera is not included)

  • Note: the EZ Scope only works with the 3-egg tray that is included - not the optional large or the small-egg trays

The R-Com mini was one of the winners of the 2007 Teacher’s Choice Award for the Family.
The R-Com mini & scope package is one of the winners of the 2008 Teacher’s Choice Award for the Classroom.

R-Com Mini (3-egg)  Incubator (comes standard with a 3-egg tray that accommodates 3 eggs up to hen egg size) - $ 143.00 (+ $ 25 US Continental S&H)

R-Com mini and EZ Scope incubator package - $ 179.99 (+ $ 25 US Continental S&H)

SMALL Egg Insert (allows incubation of SEVEN small eggs (i.e. quail-size eggs) - $ 21 (not sold separately - only when shipped with unit)

R-Com Mini

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