Rajah Scops Owls

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The Rajah Scops Owls (Otus brookii) - also known as Brooke’s Scops Owls - are native to the island of Sumatra (western Indonesia) and the island of Borneo, located north of Java Island, Indonesia. They inhabit montane forests between 4000 - 7900 feet (1200 - 2400 meters).


Subspecies and Distribution:

  • Otus brookii brookii (Sharpe, 1892) - Nominate Race
    • Range: Borneo Island

  • Otus brookii solokensis (Hartert, 1893)
    • Range: Island of Sumatra

Physical Description:

The Rajah Scops Owls are relatively small owls that measure about 8.7 - 9.5 inches (22 - 24 cm) in length (including the tail),

The plumage is mostly brown. They have conspicuous ear tufts with white on the innerside. The plumage above is rusty with dark bars and streaks and some creamy spots. There is a white collar on the hind neck and mantle. The chest is light rufous and cream with black streaks. The bill and feet are yellow. Their eyes (irises) are yellow.


Owl Eyes / Vision Adaptations


Diet / Feeding

Rajah Scops Owls mostly feed on insects. Records of ingestion of frogs exist as well.


Alternate (Global) Names

Chinese: ???? ... Czech: výre?ek Brooke?v, Výrecek Brookuv ... Danish: Hvidøret Dværghornugle ... Dutch: Radjahdwergooruil, Radjah-dwergooruil ... Estonian: mägipäll ... Finnish: Valkotupsupöllönen ... French: Petit-duc de Brooke, Petit-duc radjah ... German: Radjaeule, Radschaeule, Radscha-Zwergohreule ... Indonesian: Celepuk Raja ... Italian: Assiolo del ragià, Assiolo del Rajah ... Japanese: rajaaookonohazuku, raja-konohazuku ... Norwegian: Rajaugle ... Polish: syczek bialouchy, syczek bia?ouchy ... Russian: ????????? ?????, ????? ????? ... Slovak: výrik radža ... Spanish: Autillo Rajá ... Swedish: Rajadvärguv


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