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Chinstrap Penguins

The genus Pygoscelis ("elbow-legged") contains species of penguins that are collectively known as "The Brush-Tailed Penguins".

Their plumage above is black and white below.

The three extant species are:

Extinct species:

  • Pygoscelis grandis (Bahía Inglesa Formation, Late Miocene/Early Pliocene of Bahía Inglesa, Chile)

  • Pygoscelis calderensis (Bahía Inglesa Formation, Late Miocene of Bahía Inglesa, Chile)

  • Tyree's Penguin, Pygoscelis tyreei (Pliocene of New Zealand): An extinct species of penguin from New Zealand. It was slightly smaller than the extant Gentoo Penguin, standing 70 to 80 cm high. Of Late Pliocene age, it is only known from fossil remains.


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