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If you don't find anyone near you, contact the closest one to your location and ask for a referral to trusted, reputable breeder, or locate a bird club and ask for a lead.

Bird Breeder by Species (sorted by bird species with breeders listed below each species)


Gay Noeth - Saskatchewan, Canada - www.onafricanwings.com - OnAfricanWings is a small, home based aviary located near Paradise Hill, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Breeds: African parrots (African Greys, Poicephalus (Senegals). Her parrots have an awesome set-up and she is an expert on providing enriched environments to pet birds.


Avalon Aviary bird store and MAP-certified breeder - 6014 W US Hwy 34, Loveland, CO 80537, Tel. 970 663-5004, e-mail: avalonstore@frii.com

Raise amazing amazons, brown headed parrots, clownish caiques, cape parrots, cuddly conures, elegant eclectus, glorious great bills, jardines, magnificent macaws, precious pionus, playful poicephalus, red-bellied parrots, senegal parrots, and terrific timnehs.  Also have a well-stocked bird supply store filled with high-quality bird products. url: www.avalonaviary.com


Joe Cravo - Ocala, Florida 34476 - e-mail: joecravo@gmail.com - Tel. (904) 410-7961 or (352)484-7832 (cell)

Breeds: Canaries: color bred (red, white, yellow, green); American Singer canaries; and Lady Gouldian finches

Jean (The African Queen) Pattison - New Tampa Highway, Lakeland, Florida 33815 U.S.A. Phone: 863-686-4532 e-mail: afqueen@gate.net

Breeds: African Grey (Congos and Timnehs), Brown-Necked or Grey- Headed Parrots, Jardine’s Parrots, Poicephalus, Senegals, Meyer’s, Red-bellied and Brown-headed Parrots

New York:

Eclod Exotics, a private aviary located in upstate New York. Tel. 917-781-4567, info@eclod.com - url: www.eclod.com

Breeds: Blue Yellow-naped Amazon, Cinnamon White-fronted Amazons, Yellow Red-lored Amazons, Cinnamon Blue-fronted Amazons, Vinaceous Amazons, Cuban Amazons, Blue mutation African Grey Parrots, Purple-bellied Parrots, Asiatic Parakeets) and Eclectus Parrots; Conures; Senegal Parrots; Dilute and Lutino Plumhead Parakeets, Violet Indian Ringneck Parakeets, Lovebirds: Slaty, Lutino, Violet, Pied and Fallow Masked Lovebirds


Parrotville Bird Shop, Brunswick, Oh 44212 - Owner: Pat Riddle: Tel. 330-273-0100, e-mail parrotvillebirds@aol.com, Web Site www.parrotville.com

Sells: Hand-fed, well-socialized chicks: Congo & Timneh African Greys, Macaws, Amazons, Sun Conures, Blue Crown Conures, Quakers (Green & Blue), Senegals, Meyers, Lesser Sulpher Cockatoos, Citron Cockatoos, Rose Breasted Cockatoos, Severe Macaws, Parrotlets, Cockatiels & Lovebirds. 4. Adult bird occasionally. Will ship within the United States.


Saddleback Farm - E-mail: tnbrdldy@memphisonline.com ... Location: West Tennessee ... Tel. (901) 853-9988

Breeds: Amazons, CAG's, Macaws & Poicephalus. All birds PBFD negative and Polyoma Vaccinated. 20 years of experience. Breeder's philosophy is to try to 'fit' the bird to the person.


KCZAR Aviaries - kczaraviaries.com - Ogden, Utah - Contact: Kathy at 801-731-5166, e-mail: psten51307@comcast.net

Breeder of happy, healthy, handfed babies -- African Greys (Congos and Timnehs); Poicephalus (Red Bellies, Meyers, Senegals); Pyrrhura Conures (Black Capped Conures, Turquoise Green Cheeks); Aratinga Conures (Dusky Conures)


Sissy Crawford - Sissy's Bird Colony
Aylett, Virginia - url: www.Sissysbirdcolony.com

Breeder of: 1. Cockatiels, 2. Lovebirds (peachface), 3. Macaws, 4. Congo African Grey, 5. Amazons, 6. Indian Ringnecks (Blue, lacewing, green, lutino, creamino and pallid), 7. Alexandrine, 8. Bourke (normals and rosy), 9. Quakers, 10. Sun Conures, 11. Green Cheek Conures (normals, yellowside and pineapple), 12. Blue headed Pionus, 13. Scarlet Chested Parakeets, 14. Parrotlets (Blue, green, turquoise and pied's), 15. Parakeets, 16. English Budgies, 17. Red rump, 18. Ringneck Doves, 19. Diamond Doves - Shipping is Available at buyers expense.

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