Pigeon Species / Breeds "G" & "H"

(Columbidae - Please see also Doves)

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Gaditano Pouters

Galati Tumbler: Comes in a variety of colors and is well known for its fast and consecutive rolls. It has a small and delicate peak with a round head and clear white eyes.There is also one variety of the breed used for flying performance, with no rolling ability. It is easy to keep; however, is sensitive to low temperatures.

Galician Highfliers

Genuine Homers

German Beak Crested Trumpeters

German Beauty Homers

German-colored Tail Owls

German Double Crested Trumpeters

German Elster Pouter

German Nuns

German Owls

German Strassers

Ghent Pouters

Giant American Crests

Giant Runts

Gimpel (also see Archangel)

Gorguero Pouters

Grey Imperial (Ducula pickeringii) and Green Imperial Pigeon (Ducala aenea)

Grey-fronted Green Pigeon or Pompadour Green Pigeon (Treron pompadora)

Grey Wood-pigeon also known as Silvery Wood-pigeon(Columba argentina)

Grivuni Highflyer

Hamburger Tumblers

Hana Pouters


Hill Pigeon (Columba rupestris)

Holle Croppers


Homing Pigeons aka Rock Dove (Columba livia)

Horseman Pouters

Hungarian Giant House Pigeons

Hungarian Short Beakers

Hyacinth Pigeons


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