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Afep Pigeon (Columba unicincta): Mangoverde

African Flying Baldheads: Arizona Pigeon Club

African Green Pigeon (Treron calva): Other names: Afrikaans: papegaaiduif - French: Colombar à front nu - German: Rotnasen-Grüntaube - Dutch: Afrikaanse papegaaiduif. Description: This is shy bird that is usually found in small flocks hiding in dense foliage. It is quiet and unobtrusive and almost entirely arboreal, rarely coming to the ground. It feeds on fruit and can be locally common around fruiting fig trees (its gizzard is adapted for grinding fig seeds). Physical characteristics: When seen clambering around in a tree, the immediate impression is of a green, parrot-like bird. At closer range, this species is unmistakable with its green-and-yellow plumage and chestnut vent. When feeding, it climbs about in fruiting trees, sometimes hangs upside down on branches to obtain fruit. Habitat: The African Green Pigeon inhabits the African forest, bushveld and savanna. Always associated with fruiting trees, especially figs ... Destination Kruger Park (great info & photos)

African Owls

African Show Racers: American Show Racers

American Bohemian Pouters

American Dragoon

American Flying Baldheads: Show Standards

American Flying Tumblers:American Flying Tumbler Club

American Giant Homers

American Giant Rumblers

American Helmets: American Helmet Association ... Helmet Forum

American Komorner Tumblers: American Komorner Tumbler Club website ... American Komorner Tumbler Club:  Jim Muesing, Sec/Treasurer, 51 Mt. Vernon Cr., Asheville, NC  28804. (828) 255-8547 ... Indian Nations Pearl Eyed Komorner Tumbler Club:  Bobby Lee Taber, Sec., 2121 Harmony Star Rd., Claremore, OK  74017 ... Central Komorner Tumbler Club:  Richard E. Walkush, Sec., N2136 Cleghoen Rd., Waupaca, WI  54981.  (715) 258-7957

American Lahore: Slobberknockerlofts.com

American Maltese

American Roller: Arizona Pigeon Club

American Show Homers

American Show Racers: Arizona Pigeon Club

American Stasser: Arizona Pigeon Club

Anbary Asmar

Ancient Tumbler: Arizona Pigeon Club


Antwerp Smerle

Arad Barred Highflyer

Archangel (please also see Gimpel) / Russian Trjasun

Ashy Wood-Pigeon (Columba pulchricollis)

Australian Saddleback Tumblers


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