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King PigeonBand-tailed PigeonCarrier PigeonChoiseul Crested Pigeon Crested Pigeon (Ocyphaps lophotes) The Extinct DodoCollared Imperial PigeonDresden TrumpeterGerman NunGreen Imperial PigeonHoming PigeonNew Zealand or Kereru PigeonLahoreNicobar PigeonsNilgiri WoodpigeonNukuhiva PigeonOld German OwlWhite-naped Pheasant PigeonPied Imperial PigeonRock PigeonsRodriques SolitaireSouthern Crowned PigeonSpeckled PigeonSpinifex PigeonStock PigeonSverdlovsk Blue-gray Mottle-headed PigeonsTipplersUral Striped Maned PigeonsVictoria Crowned PigeonWhite-crowned PigeonWhite-headed PigeonWonga PigeonWood PigeonsYellow-footed Green PigeonsShort-billed PigeonTopknot PigeonIndian Mondaine PigeonMagpie PigeonMetallic PigeonBaker's Imperial Pigeon, aka Vanuatu Imperial Pigeon (Ducula bakeri)


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