Index of Birds Found in the Philippines: O - Z


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Family Groups of Birds found in the Philippines:

Parrots ... Seabirds, Waders, Wetland and Inland Water Birds ... Doves & Pigeons ... Cuckoos and Coucals
Babblers ... Bulbuls ... Kingfishers ... Swifts & Swiftlets ... White-eyes

Listing of birds (other than parrots) native to, or found in, the Philippines:

Photos of Birds

A - N or O - Z (below)

Olive-backed Pipit (Anthus hodgsoni) - Winters across Asia, from peninsular India, east to southeast Asia and the Philippines.

Olive-backed Sunbird aka Yellow-bellied Sunbird (Cinnyris jugularis)

Oriental Magpie Robin (Copsychus saularis)

Paddyfield Pipit (Anthus rufulus)

Palawan Peacock Pheasant (Polyplectron napoleonis) aka Napoleon Peacock Pheasant - Palawan Island in the Philippines Archipelago

Parrot Finches

Philippine Creepers or Rhabdornises

Philippine Frogmouth (Batrachostomus septimus) - A nocturnal bird that is found throughout the Philippine archipelago. Common in lowland forests and maturing second growth

Philippine Leaf-warbler (Phylloscopus olivaceus)

Philippine Megapode (Megapodius cumingii) - also known as the Philippine Scrubfowl or the Tabon Scrubfowl

Pied Triller (Lalage nigra)

Red-crested Malkoha (Phaenicophaeus superciliosus) - Endemic

Rufous Hornbill (Buceros hydrocorax), also known as Philippine Hornbill or Kalaw: Found on Luzon and Marinduque, Samar, Leyte, Bohol, Panaon, Biliran, Calicoan and Buad, Dinagat, Siargao, Mindanao (plus Balut, Bucas and Talicud) and Basilan. It is still common locally, notably in the Sierra Madre of Luzon.

Scale-feathered Malkoha (Phaenicophaeus cumingi) - Endemic

Scarlet Minivet (Pericrocotus flammeus)

Short-crested Monarch (Hypothymis helenae) - Endemic

Sulu Hornbill or Montano's Hornbill (Anthracoceros montani)

Stripe-breasted Rhabdornis or Plain-headed Creeper (Rhabdornis inornatus) - Endemic

Stripe-headed Creepers or Stripe-headed Rhabdornises (Rhabdornis mysticalis) - Range: Philippine Islands of Luzon, Negros, Panay, Masbate, Contanduenes, Leyte, Mindanao, Samar, Basilan, Bohol, Calicoan and Dinagat

White-browed Shama (Copsychus luzoniensis)

White-cheeked Bullfinch (Pyrrhula leucogenis)

White-fronted Tit (Cyanistes semilarvatus) - Endemic

White-lored Oriole (Oriolus albiloris)

White-vented Shama (Copsychus niger) es

White-vented Whistler (Pachycephala homeyeri)

White-winged Cuckooshrike (Coracina ostenta) - Endemic

Yellow-bellied Whistler (Pachycephala philippinensis)

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