Babblers Found in the Philippines

Chestnut-faced Babbler (Zosterornis whiteheadi)

Other birds found in the Philippines

The following Babblers occur naturally in the Philippines:

Black-crowned Babbler (Sterrhoptilus nigrocapitata) - Endemic bird of the lowland forests

Chestnut-faced Babbler (Zosterornis whiteheadi) - Island of Luzon in the Philippines

Flame-templed Babblers (Dasycrotapha speciosa) - Endemic forest bird

Golden-crowned Babbler (Sterrhoptilus dennistouni) - Endemic forest bird

Luzon Striped Babbler (Zosterornis striata) - Endemic forest bird

Mindanao Pygmy-babbler (Sterrhoptilus plateni) - Endemic to the Philippines (Inhabits subtropical or tropical moist lowland and montane forests)

Negros Striped Babbler (Zosterornis nigrorum) - Endemic montane bird

Palawan Striped Babbler (Zosterornis hypogrammica) - Endemic montane bird

Panay Striped Babbler (Zosterornis latistriata) - Endemic montane bird

Rusty-crowned Babbler (Sterrhoptilus capitalis) - Endemic forest bird

Visayan Pygmy-babbler (Sterrhoptilus pygmaeus) - Inhabits lowland or montane forests

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