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PEACOCKS / PEAFOWL / Also see: Peacock Ring-neck or Common Pheasant

Pheasant Species:

Argus Pheasants

Bar-backed Pheasants

Bar-tailed Pheasants

Blood Pheasants

Blue-eared Pheasants

Bornean Fireback Pheasants

Brown-eared Pheasants

Bulwer Pheasants

Cheer Pheasants

Common Pheasants

Copper Pheasants

Crested Argus Pheasants

Crested Firebacks

Diard's Firebacks

Edward's Pheasants

Elliot's Pheasants


Erckel's Francolin Francolinus erckelii

Black Francolin (Francolinus francolinus) Golden / Red Golden Pheasant

Great Argus Pheasants

Green Junglefowl

Green Pheasant aka Geen-necked Peafowl, Burmese Peafowl, Java Peafowl

Hume's Pheasant, Syrmaticus humiae, also known as Mrs Hume's Pheasant or Bar-tailed Pheasant

Ijima Copper Pheasant

Himalayan Mona

Impeyan Pheasant

Imperial Pheasant

Jungle Fowl

Lady Amherst's Pheasants

Lewis Silver Pheasants

Mikado Pheasants

Monal Pheasants (aka Impeyan)

Mrs Hume's Pheasant or Bar-tailed Pheasant

Reeves's Pheasants

Ring-necked (Common) Pheasant aka Chinese Ringneck Pheasant, True Pheasant (Phasianus colchicus ssp.)

Satyr Tragopans (Tragopan satyra) also known as the Crimson Horned Pheasants

Salvadori's Pheasants

Szechuan White-eared PheasantsMale Silver Pheasdant

Siamese Firebacks

Silver Pheasants

Soemmerring's Pheasant

Sumatran Peacock Pheasants aka Bronze-tailed Peacock Pheasants

Swinhoe's Pheasant:

Temminck's Tragopan Pheasants


Vieillot's Firebacks

White-eared Pheasants

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