Pet Playgym & Furniture Cover - Colors

Arm Chair or Sofa Fitted Pet Bird or Small Pet Play Gyms

Fun for your Pet & Protection for your Furniture - Patent Pending

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Available Colors

Our Pet Playgym and Furniture Cover comes in several colors to make it easy for you:

Front View (without chain and toys):

Back View

The base fabric is a easy-care quilted cotton mix that will provide a protective barrier between your pet's claws and beaks, and the pockets / tunnels are made from soft fleece.


Personalized Design Option

If you would like us to use your fabrics for this product, we can accommodate that easily, as well as any specific requests. Depending on the complexity of the design changes, there may be additional charges for those; but if you are using our design, there will not be an additional charge - although the fabric will have be provided to us.


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