Avianweb's Latest Members

Sibylle's Pets

Our latest "flock members" are our Yorkie "Xena" (born sometimes in July) and our Chihuahua "Maya" (born 8/5/2012).

Xena and Maya will be tasked with "guarding the roost" once they are old enough (and potty trained!). Each one only weighs just over 3 lbs - so they are still light-weights. (Xena's parents weigh 5 and 6 lbs respectively. Maya is expected to weigh around 8 lbs when fully grown).

For the time being, both are allowed to enjoy their "puppyhood" without any expectations other than "looking cute" and making everybody around them smile - and as it turns out, they are naturals at that, as you can see, and both are certain to excel in this position.



Yorkie Puppy - Avianweb Member in Training

As expected, our resident "Watch Parrot" - Congo African Grey called "Monty" - is still approaching Xena with some reservations, but we are optimistic that they will eventually jointly tackle the challenging job of keeping an eye on us and effectively keeping "those humans" in line ...

Monty - African Grey

The Backyard of our Home (not a bad place to live)

Our Pool in Mims

Restaurant Photo

In the Pool

Our First Home in South Florida ... Our Caribbean Cruise (2010)