Red-billed Leiothrix aka Pekin Robins, Pekin Nightingales, Chinese Nightingales and Japanese (Hill) Robins

Old World Babblers

Pekin RobinThe Red-billed Leiothrix Leiothrix lutea is a member of the Old World babbler family. It is a common cagebird and amongst aviculturists it goes by various names: Pekin Robin, Pekin Nightingale, Chinese Nightingale and Japanese (Hill) Robin, the last being a misnomer as it is not native to Japan.

Adults have bright red bills and a dull yellow ring around their eyes. Their backs are dull olive green and have a bright yellow-orange throat with a yellow chin; females are somewhat duller than males, and juveniles have black bills.

The Red-billed Leiothrix is native to Southern Asia. It has also been introduced on the Hawaiian Islands and small populations of escapees have existed in Japan since the 1980s.

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