Pearl-bellied White-eyes

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The Pearl-bellied White-eyes (Zosterops grayi) - also known as Great Kai White-eyes - occur naturally in the moist lowland forests of Kai Besar Island or Great Kai Island (part of the Maluku Islands, Indonesia). These sociable birds usually form large flocks outside the breeding season. They are threatened by habitat destruction.

The Pearl-bellied White-eyes are sometimes lumped together (as one species) with the Golden-bellied White-eyes (Zosterops uropygialis).


Diet / Feeding

They feed,on insects, nectar and various fruits.


Calls / Vocalizations


Breeding / Nesting

Their nests are situated on trees. The average clutch consists of 2 - 4 unspotted, pale-blue eggs.


Alternate Global Names

Chinese: ????? ... Czech: kruhoo?ko kaiské, Kruhoocko perlobriché ... Danish: Store Kei-brillefugl ... Dutch: Kaibrilvogel, Kei-brilvogel ... Finnish: Hopeavatsarilli ... French: Zostérops de Céram, Zostérops de Grande Kaï, Zostérops de la Grande Kai, Zostérops de la Grande Kaï ... German: Gray Brillenvogel, Graybrillenvogel, Gray-Brillenvogel ... Indonesian: Kacamata Kai-besar ... Italian: Occhialino panciaperla, Occhialino ventreperlato ... Japanese: keimejiro ... Norwegian: Kaibesarbrillefugl ... Polish: szlarnik perlowy, szlarnik per?owy ... Russian: ?????????? ???? ... Slovak: okánik perlavý ... Spanish: Anteojitos de la Gran Kai, Ojiblanco Pico de Perla ... Swedish: Kaibesarglasögonfågel

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