A Case of Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease?

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The below parrot's name is 'booo'. She was rescued in 1992 from a vendor in Mumbai who wanted to kill her because of her "feather condition." The current owner bought her, together with her mate. Both had boils, rashes on their bodies. Booo won several international contests like 'cutest pet in the world title' despite the fact that she lost both wings when she was captured at birth.

Vets in that area don't know much about avian medicine. One vet suggested . 'abdec' children's vitamin tonic - but it didn't make any difference. Her mate has since died.

Booo is fed a diet of bread, milk, fried eggs, dried fruits and sugar items. She doesn't accept fruits and veggies. She does like fruit juice.

Beak and Feather Disease is suspected, but it could be another viral disease. The tumor isn’t really a tumor, but ingrown feathers that multiply into a huge hard lump coming from the skin.  They fall off and grow back again.


Pet Bird with Tumor

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