Eastern Reef Egrets

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Eastern Reef Egret

Eastern Reef Egret Pacific Reef Herons (Egretta sacra) - also known as the Pacific Reef Egrets or Eastern Reef Egrets - are medium-sized egrets found in many areas of Asia, including the oceanic region of India, Southeast Asia, Japan, Polynesia, and in Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand.


Eastern Reef Egrets are measure 22 - 26 inches (57 - 66 cm) in length and have a wingspan of 35 - 43 inches (90 - 110 cm). Their average weight is about 14 oz or 400 grams.

Most members of this species have a charcoal-grey plumage; however, some are entirely white

The grey variety has a narrow white stripe on the throat and chin.

Eastern Reef Egrets have short, yellowish legs; brown beaks; and yellow eyes.

The rest of the face has a greenish to yellow hue

Eastern Reef Egret

Diet / Feeding

Pacific Herons mostly feed on ocean-based fish, crustaceans and mollusks.

Breeding / Nesting

Pacific Herons breed throughout the year. They nest in colonies in the jungle, between palms and mangroves or in cavities of old buildings. The nest is constructed from branches and plant material, including blossoms.

The average clutch consists of 2 - 3 pale greenish-blue eggs. Both parents share the incubation duties. The chicks hatch about 28 days later and require parental care for another five weeks.

Eastern Reef Egret

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