Candling Eggs: Watching the Embryo Develop inside the Egg

OvaScope Egg CandlerCandling Eggs: Watching the Embryo Develop inside the Egg

... allow you to watch the live embryo develop inside the egg ...

NEW: The OvaScope HIGH INTENSITY Egg Candler - For Highest Possible Visibility of the Growing Embryo inside the Egg


The movie also shows an alternative way of egg candling using a method that was used before commercial egg candlers were able.


Cockatiel Embryo about 5 Days Into Incubation

The OvaView / OvaScope High Intensity Egg Candler have a higher light output from a higher spec LED than the standard Egg Candlers; and are perfect for mottled, darker or thicker shelled eggs - or make great choices for those wishing to see as much detail of the embryo as possible (white or dark shelled eggs).

The OvaScopes also slightly magnify the images, giving them a clear benefit over regular egg candlers.

These egg candlers are designed to be either hand-held or can be left on a work surface.

OvaScopes / Ovaview Egg Candlers.

The egg is incubated in a Octagon 20 Advance EX Incubator (with external humidity pump)