Olive-backed Orioles (Oriolus sagittatus)


Old World Orioles


Olive-backed OriolesThe Olive-backed Oriole (Oriolus sagittatus) is a very common medium-sized, noisy perching bird that is found in northern and eastern Australia and New Guinea.

They occur from the very north of Western Australia across the east and south coasts to Victoria and the corner of South Australia.

They are common to very common in the northern part of their range and are less frequently seen in the south.

It is the most wide-ranging of the Australasian orioles.

They are usually found in open woodland environments.

Its upper plumage is mostly olive, with small dark streaks. The chest is pal with black streaks. They have reddish eyes and beaks.

Females can be identified by their cinnamon-edged wings.


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