should I stop hand feeding?

Hello. I have a 5 to 6 month old tiel that im weaning. Im very close to getting him weaned. only the last feeding of the day is left. He has a filled crop before feeding. Today he ate 0.5ml of formula only.then regurgitated a bit of it. (its normal for them to regurgitate after feeding). Should I stop feeding him?


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If you do stop feeding him, I would recommend checking his weight for a while to make sure that he is not losing weight. 5 or 6 months are a long time to handfeed a cockatiel mind you. He should be eating by himself already. This being said, some birds need to be coddled more than others. So one can't really put a timeline on that ... If you see him eat and drink, he should be able to take care of his own needs. The handfeeding may just be a way of bonding and mutual affection. I continued to provide warm handfeeding formula to my African Grey for the longest times (years even?) and even now, he would happily accept formula from a spoon or syringe ... So if it is something you both enjoy and that deepens the bond, then so be it ;-)
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