My pair of cockatiels had a chick which the Male plucked quite nastily and I had to remove him to another cage . Luckily the female brought the chick up and it is fine. I swopped the chick and Male round when it was old enough . Now my pair of cockatiels have had 4 eggs and I want to know that if my Male starts plucking can I swop my Male for my first chick ? Or do I need another cage ? Or has anyone experienced this ? Is my Male likely to do it again ? He is great at sitting on the eggs . Thanks


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It could be that your male is inexperienced and, if exposed to an experienced mate, will eventually learn to raise chicks. However, many times, birds (especially if they were raised by hand, don't make good parents and it is best not to include them in any breeding activities. I would definitely find another male for the hen ...
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