Species compatibility

Hello, I am in the process of building an aviary/habitat in our home in Las Vegas, NV. The aviary will be glass enclosed and climate controlled, and will be 21’W x 17’ D x 20’H. It will contain a 7’ x 14’ pond with a drinking and bathing area for the birds. We will be growing a Glenn Mango tree, a Navel Orange tree, Bananas, Papayas and Passion Fruit in the habitat. The habitat will be home to tropical fish, red eared sliders and a pair of Mediterranean Spur Thigh tortoises. We would like to include a pair of each of the following bird species in the aviary, and would like your advice about species compatibility: Golden-Hooded Tanager Summer Tanager Blue-Gray Tanager Green Honeycreeper Red-Legged Honeycreeper Elegant Euphonia Yellow-Crowned Euphonia Cockatiel American Singer Canary Gambel’s Quail And Wood Duck I appreciate any advice and suggestions you can provide. I look forward to your reply. Thank you, Joe Helmer [email protected]