Bacterial Infection – 10 Shots for 10 Days

I just brought my yellow nape Amazon: Kokomo (30 yrs. old / laid an egg for the first & only time on Nov 2017) to an Avian vet. Her last visit to a vet was about 15 years ago for just a checkup and everything was fine. The only reason why I brought her to the vet was that she was picking at her feet; I had the money and time. The doctor took blood, everything was good, her weight is normal and he did an oral culture and found out she has a bacterial infection called Pseud. aeruginosa. Treatment: They want to give her a shot of medication a day, for 10days. Not missing a day. Sounds like a lot of stress for my bird to endure that for 10 days or oral medication, twice a day for 20 days. What I would like to know… 1. Ten shots normal? 2. Could Kokomo have this bacterial infection for years? 3. Can you die from Pseud. aeruginosa? I also wanted to just mention that she strictly an inside bird. That's only because I live in a condominium and I don't have a patio. Occasionally I’ll take her outside. I’m currently using Terbinafine Hydrochloride Antifungal Cream 1% on her feet subscribed by the doctor and that seems to help a lot along with drops, Herbal Complex 30cc for calming & inching (water) Thanks, Scott

Pseud. aeruginosa is a contagious condition and Kokomo could have gotten it from a human or any place he visited. It is a bacteria that is common at hospitals / doctor's offices. Yes, I would definitely treat him; sanitize the environment / wash hands frequently, etc. If untreated, it can result in death. So the shots are the lesser evil ...
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