Crazy Nests

Hi, I am new to the site, have already received some great advice, in regards to breeding. The moment we've been waiting for has arrvied, Our pregnant female"Diamond" has laid her 1st egg! Problems Big time. We have been having issues with where she would do this, we had problems with our oldest jelous female"Chloe" very possesive thinks everything is hers, she would not allow no other birds exept her best friend in the box, so i purchased another box, Diamond would not go into the new box either, so i purchased a nest/hut, she was in, and out of that, but not near as much as the nest box Chloe now owns, oh it's sad, we weren't watching for about 5 minutes and woowy the screams, we ran into the living room and pulled out the box so fast, Chloe and one of them(i do believe it was the new mother) where in a fight for their lives. we pulled them apart everything happened so fast, i really don't know which bird it was, i checked for battle wounds, none on either! That was a major surprise after all that i thought for sure, one was going to the vet. Ok back on track, bottom line is she laid her egg, in a feeding dish, we just don't know what to do, i moved it once, then said to myself(once laid, leave them alone) so i put it back in the feeding dish. Now Chloe is trying to take over her egg, keeps scaring her off her egg, cause she is trying to sit on it. I really need advice I realize Chloe-the posessive bird, will have to be seperated from them, it is such a bad situation, Chloe was our 1st, she been here for years alway free, never locked in her cag, the rescues, where always locked in their cage. Please any input on what i "think" i should do. The rescues will have to be locked back up with the male and the other 2 females new mom incl. The other issue is this male is not only been with the new mom, he has been with "old Chlo" as well, and she's lais many a egg in her day, just not fertile, what do we do? help! what about the egg in the feeding dish, should i just leave it there, or should i move it in to the box she does look into once in a while, as well the nest/hut, she has been in and out of there alot, and Chloe has not gone near that hut. Do you think the hut be be a good place for her egg/s, I'm just new to this breeding, and really lost, I love our little Chloe so much, she is just getting in everybirds way, i don't want her to feel unloved, they all get a exceptional amount of love! I am just so lost. The male is being with 2 of the females, Poor precious, she's just a piece of the puzzle, doing her thing, i feel as though she needs the most attention. I don't want her to "fall through the cracks" so to speak. Will/can eggs babies survive being in this feeder dish? will this be her only spot now to lay eggs? How much interfering can i, as the human do. When can i let them all interact again? Please any/all the advice in the bird world will help me right now, i am so lost. Having Chloe locked in her cage right now, is not going well, glad bedtime almost here. I cannot get the picture to upload at the moment Thank You so much for reading, and thanks in advance for input/advice. DeeDeee